Aircraft is equipped with a SlickStart

Dual Engine Oil Coolers

Ceramic Coated Exhaust

Chromed Intake and Valve Covers

Silver Plated Hardware

Custom Paint Job

Firewall Disconnect

Custom Engine Turned Stainless Steel Firewall

Integrated G3X Engine Monitor 

New Gen 3 Engine Mount

New Engine Shock Mounts

New Engine Controls

Ram Air and Filtered Air Control


Lycoming IO-540

MODEL;          IO-540-C4B5

SERIAL No:     L-11182-48

Date Last Installed on Aircraft

October 12th, 2012

Total Time on Engine:                         540.20

Time since Inspect and Repair:         114.70

Items Repaced During Inspect and Repair:

Performed by   Aircraft Engine Specialist

Crankshaft          (13E17676)

Magnetos            (6350 and 6393)

Spark Plugs         (REM38E)

All Hoses              (AE1014035X) (BLUE)

All Bearings and Seals

More... (list available on request)


This aircraft had a minor prop strike in May 2011 shortly after being purchased.     The engine was removed and sent in to a certified shop for a Inspect and Repair.  The removal of the engine uncovered some additional problems with the firewall tincanning when pressure was applied to the rudder pedals.  Thus prompting an extensive rebuild to include a new firewall to be fabricated and installed, and a new Engine Mount.  More information on the Airframe Page.