Infinity Control Grips

Front and Rear

Aileron and Elevator Trim Hat Switch

Rudder Trim

Push to Talk

Autopilot CWS (Engage)

Flap Control Switch

Standby Com Swap


Garmin G3X 

GDU 370 - Front Primary Function Display

GDU  375 - Front Multi-Function Display

GDU 370 - Rear Primary Function Display


GMU 44 - Magnetometer

GTP 59 - Outside Air Temp Probe

GAP 26 - Heated Pitot and AOA Probe

GAD 29 - ARINC Adapter

GEA 24 - Engine Interface

GMC 305 - Autopilot Control Head

GSA 28 - Autopilot Roll Servo

GSA 28 - Autopilot Pitch Servo

Garmin Equipment

GMA 350 - 3D Audio Panel

GTN 650 - Nav / Com / GPS

GTR 225 - Com (Staandby)

GTX 23es - Transponder  ADSB OUT

Garmin GDL 39 - ADSB In

Garmin Flightstream 210 - Bluetooth Connext

Other Equipment

Dynon D-6 - EFIS (Standby)

Dynon EDC-D-10 Remote Compass

CO Guardian Remote Carbon Monoxide Detection

Mountain High On-Board Oxygen Control Unit

Panel Controls

Left Panel:

Com Frequency Memory Toggle

Auto Pilot Go Around

Smoke On/Off

Right Panel:

Co2 Monitor Reset

Annunciator Panel:

Test Switch

Canopy Open LED

Fuel Boost LED

Stuck Starter LED

CO2  Alert LED

Smoke Pump On LED