Removable Aux Fuel Tank

Removable Smoke Tank

Built in Oxygen System

Rear Throttle Quadrant

Rear Rudder Pedals

Front and Rear 5 Point Harness

Infinity Control Grips

LED Position Lights

3 Axis Control Trims

Canopy Lighting

Removable Avionics Panel


2003 Harmon Rocket II

Total Airframe Time:                         540.20

Time since Rebuild:                           114.70

Items Replaced During Rebuild 


Custom Rudder Pedals

Matching Rear Fold-down Pedals

Rudder Cable

Rudder Cable Guides and Bulkhead Fittings

Custom Front Throttle Quadrant

Matching Rear Throttle Lever

Flap Motor with Limit Switches and Sensor

Custom Rear Baggage Compartment with Inspection Plates

All new .032" Floors

All new certified hardware

Wheels, Brakes, and Brake Lines

Wheel Pants and Skirts


Fuel Tank Senders

Wing Disconnects and Bulkhead Fittings

Trim Motors

Carbon Fiber Flap Anti-Chafe Tape

Landing Light

LED Position Lights

Angle of Attack (Garmin)

Heated Pilot Tube

Wing Root Cover plates

Chromed Fuel Tank Lids

All new certified hardware


This aircraft was purchased in 2011 and shortly after, had a prop strike.   The pilot stated that the brakes locked up.  We removed the engine for a tear down inspection and started to investigate.  Upon removal of the engine, many items were found that needed to be addressed.  We removed the firewall due to tin-canning when pressure was applied to the rudder pedals.  We wanted to redesign the firewall with a bigger box for clearance of the pedals.  We also decided to redesign the rudder pedals to be sturdier and wider.  Bushings were installed at all pivot points and the pedal brackets were also designed to match up with the new firewall dimensions. 

When we removed the firewall, we found some issues with the wiring.  Every wire was pulled out of the aircraft and new Mil-Spec wire was installed with the new avionics panel. 

This was just the beginning:

The aircraft has been gutted and rebuilt.   The wings have been removed and inspected, the cowling has been redesigned for clearance, and the interior has been powder coated and custom matching seats and side panels were installed.   Below is a list including some of the items that have been addressed.

Custom Engine Cowling to Fit alternator and Intake
SkyLock Quarter Turn Fasteners
Custom Firewall
Gen 3 Landing Gear
Gen 3 Engine Mount
All Cables and Senders
Engine Controls
Grounding Straps
Bulkhead Connecters
Propeller and Spinner
All new certified hardware